Lorraine DeProspo is a painter, ceramic artist, and assembler of things. Her work is strongly influenced by nature, which translates visually in minimalist, abstract fashion. Her approach to painting is purely intuitive and her tools are oils, wax, and pallet knife.  Lorraine's paintings are rich in subtle color blending, waxed to create depth of form and color, and infused with a moody overtone that invites and encourages the viewer into the work.
Likewise, her ceramic imagery is rooted in a keen interest in natural forms. With clay as her medium, oftentimes in concert with wood and found objects, a glance, an inextricable feeling, or perhaps a long forgotten childhood memory precipitates the creation of ceramic “orbs”, sculptural vertebrae, and urchin or pod-like forms, designed not to replicate, but to capture the essence of a simple moment in time when the forces of nature are perfectly attuned to the imagination within. 
Lorraine lives and works in Montclair NJ and Provincetown MA, and has exhibited over the years in both locations.