Precious Cargo
ceramic, wood, fishnet, found object
27” x 6”

My three dimensional imagery is predominantly organic in nature and rooted in a keen interest in and respect for natural forms. The sea holds particular interest for me, and using the wonderfully organic medium of clay, oftentimes in concert with wood and found objects offered by nature, a glance, an inexplicable feeling, a long forgotten memory, precipitates ceramic “orbs”, sculptural vertebrae, and urchin and pod-like forms. My interest is not to imitate but to capture the essence of a simple moment in time when the forces of nature gently collide with imagination and the spirit within.
Assemblage sculpture is a new venture for me, and a medium I’ve been anxious to explore for some time. My process in this new series titled Cocoons: Coming of Age, is a marriage of seemingly disparate elements into an integrated form. The process begins with a hand made ceramic “pod” that grew out of an interest in cocoons, which held for me the concept of a protected “child”, nourished and nurtured in a womb of sorts, until ready to come into its own. Additional natural materials and found objects from beach combing are serendipiditiously paired to create a nest or resting place for the cocoon to morph and process itself has also morphed and grown during the making of this series, with twists and turns in the construction of the pieces allowing for happy accidents along the way. My approach has been to allow a bump in the road to translate into a breakthrough in process.
– Lorraine DeProspo, 2015
Tender Balance
ceramic, wood
11” x 5” x 3"
   Orb Series – The Simplicity of Balance I
glazed ceramic, bamboo
7” x 7” x 7”

     Cocoon Series II
   ceramic, wood, iron
   25” x 3”

     Cocoon Series I
   ceramic, wood, iron
   16” x 4”
     Cocoon Series III
   ceramic, wod, wire
15” x 9”
   Orb Series – The Simplicity of Balance II
   pit fired ceramic, bamboo
7” x 7” x 7”
Pod Series II – Quiet Whispers
   ceramic, wood
11” x 5” x 3”